Common Mistakes To Avoid In A Personal Injury Case

Personal injury cases are difficult to deal with. This is especially true when the injured is coping with medical treatment, lost days at work, loss of income, emotional distress not to mention the attached expenses. While you can successfully file a lawsuit with help from a Maryland personal injury attorney, here are common mistakes to avoid during a PI claim.

1. Delay in getting medical attention

If you’re involved in an accident or you suffer emotional injury, it is best if you seek medical treatment. This is key is documenting your injuries as well as avoiding further complications. And while medical attention is important, be sure to follow the doctor’s advice. In case you do not follow what the doctor orders, the insurance company may use this against you. Gaps in medical treatment can be a blow to your PI claim.

2. Handling your case without professional assistance

Chances are that if you hire a personal injury attorney, he or she will help you get compensated for all the damages where applicable. Most people who pursue personal injury claim often get dismissed for violating personal injury law procedures. In addition, the insurance companies have experienced attorneys whom will shut your claim down and leave you learning the hard way. For this reason, avoid this mistake and seek counsel help.

3. Accepting the first offer

Insurance companies will rush to make you an offer. Do not accept any offer until your attorney reviews and appraises it. Chances are that a defendant or insurance firm will make you an offer that looks attractive but actually lower than what you deserve. Avoid being pressurized to sign any offer when you are still receiving medical treatment. Complications may arise and if you had accepted an offer prior to that, you will be left in trouble wondering where to get the money for medical treatment.

4. Not documenting facts and statements on time

Lack of facts or delaying in documenting what happened leading to the injury can be a blow to your personal injury claim. When you suffer any form of personal injury, be sure to have the facts documented on the scene. In vehicle accident, have the police present to take the right information. Delaying in doing this and proceeding to get medical attention is catastrophic since an insurer can use it against you. On the other hand, failing to follow the statutory requirement of personal injury claim timelines is adversarial. Not filing a claim within the stipulated window period may lead to the case being null and void.